1 adjective
1 EQUAL SPACES a regular series of things has the same amount of time or space between each thing and the next: His breathing was slow and regular. | at regular intervals: Plant the seeds at regular intervals.
2 EVERY DAY (usually before noun) happening or doing something many times and often at the same times every day, month, year etc: I really miss the security of a regular pay cheque. | on a regular basis: It has always been our policy to review staff productivity on a regular basis. | regular as clockwork (=at exactly the same time every day, week etc): He phones us every Sunday at six, regular as clockwork.
3 OFTEN (only before noun) happening or doing something very often: regular customer/visitor: Old Joe is one of the bar's regular customers.
4 USUAL (only before noun) normal or usual: Driving the van was a change from his regular duties.
5 SHAPE evenly shaped with parts or sides of equal size: a regular hexagon | He had strong, regular teeth. | regular features (=an evenly shaped face)
6 NORMAL (only before noun) especially AmE of a normal or standard size: a regular coke
7 ORSINARY especially AmE ordinary, without any special feature or qualities: Regular teachers just don't have the training to deal with problem children.
8 FRIENDLY AmE nice and friendly: a regular guy
9 be/keep regular informal
a) to get rid of waste from your bowels often enough to be healthy
b) a woman who is regular has her menstrual period at the same time each month
10 GRAMMAR technical a regular verb or noun changes its forms in the same way as most verbs or nouns; the verb `dance' is regular but `be' is not
11 EMPHASIZING (only before noun) informal used to emphasize what you think someone is like: The child's so bossy - a regular little dictator!
12 regular soldier/army/troops etc having a permanent job in the army
— regularity noun (U) 2 noun
1 (C) informal BrE a customer who goes to the same shop, bar etc very often: The barman knows all the regulars by name.
2 (C) a soldier whose permanent job is in the army
3 (U) AmE petrol that contains lead
—compare unleaded

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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